If you're a high school graduate or college student (or care about someone who is)…

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This Book is Based on an
College Seminar & New Book for College Students!

Living and Eating Your Way to a Better GPA provides college students with 50 Keys to Unlock Their Success along with 150 Step-by-Step 'Must Dos' to Getting it Right!

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About the author:
Therese Pasqualoni is a behavioral therapist and public health specialist, with more than 15 years of research and educational experience, including three degrees and 10 health-related certifications. She has implemented over 970 presentations, more than 3,900 counseling sessions, over 1,200 exercise sessions, along with creating numerous health programs. Her latest endeavor is the formulation of a college-based and high school-based seminars, along with the author of two new books, Living & Eating Your Way to a Better GPA (college and high school editions), to help students pursue safer and healthier lifestyle habits, while decreasing their risk of preventable health-related issues and increasing their ability to achieve higher levels of academic and athletic success!