If you're high school student (or care about someone who is)…

What if you try some easy techniques that could help you..

  • boost your energy
  • increase your productivity
  • enhance your self-esteem
  • aim for a healthy weight
  • improve your overall health
  • maximize your GPA scores

This Book is Based on
"Award-Winning" Health Programs

This Book includes techniques specifically for high school students!

Living and Eating Your Way to a Better GPA provides high school students with 50 Keys to Unlock Their Success along with 150 Step-by-Step 'Must Dos' to Getting it Right!

It's a MUST HAVE for high school students!

About the author:
Therese Pasqualoni is a behavioral therapist and public health specialist, with more than 15 years of research and educational experience, including three degrees and 10 health-related certifications. She has implemented over 970 presentations, more than 3,900 counseling sessions, over 1,200 exercise sessions, along with creating numerous health programs. Her latest endeavor is the formulation of college-based and high school-based seminars, along with an author of two new books, Living & Eating Your Way to a Better GPA (high school & college editions), to help students pursue safer and healthier lifestyle habits, while decreasing their risk of preventable health-related issues and increasing their ability to achieve higher levels of academic and athletic success!