About us

Meet Our Founder

In 2005, Strike It Healthy Weight & Health Management Systems, LLC was founded by Therese Pasqualoni. Dr. Therese Pasqualoni utilizes her multidisciplinary academic and professional background to research and develop evidence-based programs and services to improve life and health-related outcomes. Her results-driven approach is based on individuals' goals or business-related initiatives. As a Public Health Researcher, she has served as the lead healthcare professional for numerous health-related projects/services, including consulting services for corporations, healthcare organizations, and universities. 

Her academic background includes a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Health Studies, Dual Master’s of Science Degree in Health Administration and Health Education, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health Education. She has acquired certifications from highly recognized organizations that are relevant to her profession, including Master Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialists, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist, and American College of Sports Medicine/American Cancer Society Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer.

Through her research and development efforts, she effectively addresses complex information and translates such information to easy-to-understand formats (e.g., executive summary reports/manuscripts and presentations) for internal and external audiences. In addition, she has successfully led and monitored multiple projects/services simultaneously. She possesses exemplary research and development attributes that encompasses excellent analytical, problem-solving, technology literacy, operational, project management, and leadership skills, as well as outstanding verbal and technical writing skills.

 Dr. Pasqualoni continues to be recognized for her integrity, passion, and her dedication to improving the overall well-being of the general and at-risk populations.

Our Support Staff

Our support staff possess high-level competencies to properly address and successfully complete all responsibilities associated with each assigned project/service.  Their work ethic is reflective in their performance and commitment to each project/service that we offer.