Areas of Expertise

Category I

Research Studies

  • From conceptual design to outcomes-related documents 

  • Identifying business/clients' initiatives

  • Research design methodologies 

  • Establishing measurable variables

  • Constructing & administrating surveys/questionnaires

  • Quantitative & qualitative analyses 

  • Manuscripts & presentations with outcomes data

Category II

Specialty Services

  • Athletic nutrition & performance programs   

  • Children/Young Adult nutrition & performance programs

  • Culinary medicine programs   

  • Fitness education & instructor programs 

  • Health-related materials (e.g., on-line publications, patient education materials)

  • Wide range of specialized health services

Category III

Corporate Programs

  • Executive health & fitness management programs

  • Employee health & fitness management programs

  • Workplace enhancement performance programs       

  • Worksite health communication programs 

  • Risk management programs 

  • Stress management programs

  • Health insurance consulting services

Category IV

Personalized Concierge Services

  • Lifestyle medicine approach for preventive and disease management programs (e.g., for chronic diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure)

  • Diabetes counseling services

  • Personalized nutrition programs

  • Specialized fitness programs for cancer patients

  • Patient advocacy services

  • Telehealth services